Always Follow Your Dreams!
ISBN 978-1-4327-7982-5
Library of Congress Number:  2011919318
ISBN 978-1-4787-1812-3
Library of Congress Number: 2013901513
ISBN: 978-1-6250-2010-9
Library of Congress:  2016960863

The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest


Keeno is a mischievous little monkey, and his best friend Ernest is a clever and responsible young elephant. 

In The Banana Tree, Keeno spots a big, shiny banana tree, but it is far away—all the way on the other side of the river of their jungle home—and his parents have told him never to cross the river without an adult. Ernest reminds him of this, but Keeno decides to cross anyway. When he finds himself in great danger, he must rely on his friend Ernest to rescue him! In the end, Keeno learns two very valuable lessons about friendship and following family rules.

In The Diamond Mine, Keeno wants to give his mom a beautiful diamond from the diamond mine and plans to swap it out for the river rock he has found.  Ernest explains that this would be stealing, but Keeno decides it’s just a trade.  Follow the adventure as Keeno finds himself in great danger and relies on Ernest to rescue him...again!  In the end, Keeno learns two very valuable lessons about friendship and asking before taking.

In A New Friend, Keeno attempts to answer the question: Can monkey’s fly?  He is determined to try when he meets a new friend.  One day, Keeno meets a fancy new friend who has him making all kinds of changes.  Will this new acquaintance win him over?  Will his tried and true friendship with Ernest be tested?  Follow the adventures as Keeno finds himself lost, scared and soaking wet!  In the end, Keeno learns two very valuable lessons about friendship and being himself.

All 3 books are recipients of The Mom's Choice Award
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The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest is published by Pear Tree Publishing of Bradford, MA.  Softcover versions are printed by Ingram Spark.  Hardcover version printed by King Printing.