Find your nook

Find a quiet place

I recently read an article by Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education about PDF – playtime, downtime and family time. Pope explains that “The three broad categories of wellbeing are not just extras or niceties; they’re closely connected with building crucial life skills that kids need in order to become happy and healthy adults.”

In this post, I will focus on the “D”! I’d like to challenge you to find your spot, your place, your nook!  A place where you can be present with those around, but have the space to unwind, relax, think, meditate or whatever it is that quiets your mind.  I have found this to be an essential tool of survival for my entire family and I wanted to share two of my recently discovered nooks! 

My family and I had the opportunity to sneak away twice and both times I found my little slice of peace and quiet.

Camping in the Adirondacks (confession – we are not really campers), I was a little nervous after signing the “bear waiver” and doubtful that I’d get any sleep, let alone find my space.  Thankfully we went with family friends who are experienced campers, so survival was not in question.  Upon arrival, we dutifully set up tents, inflated mattresses, unloaded bags, and started the fire. When I finally took the time to take in my surroundings, I spotted it.  A rock island.

A mere 15-minute paddle board ride over a beautiful mountain lake and I had arrived. The stones where smooth and warm. The water crisp and refreshing.  When I started my swim around the little island, my head was empty.  By the time my lap was complete, I had written a new story in my head!  (More on that to come!)

Our second trip was to a more familiar and comfortable (house, beds, kitchen) location on one of our favorite lakes in Maine.  The place itself is my nook, but I went beyond and found a nook within a nook here in my hammock!

Whether your ‘spot’ is a hammock, back yard, garden or sitting in a closet, find it and enjoy it!  Now challenge and help your kids to do the same exercise.  

Ready, set, Downtime….

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