King’s Day Out

The King’s Day Out book series is designed to be a resource for all children, families, therapists and pediatric medical professionals. These books will provide concrete examples of common tools used to support children at home, in the classroom and in the world.  

King and Ben go on every day adventures together, and they navigate these adventures using tools and strategies that Ben has learned and practiced in OT. King and Ben are introduced to the world in the first book: The Car Wash, scheduled to launch in February 2021. 

This children’s book series has been a labor of love of Maggie and kidSHINE Owner, Dr. Amy Wheadon..  Maggie was inspired to partner with Dr. Wheadon on this book series after meeting through the Women’s Business League

Maggie and Amy spoke about writing a story about the child of a close family friend and his service dog. Amy has always valued instilling self-awareness, self-actualization and empowerment in her clients, and her goal as a clinician is to help clients to independently use therapy tools at any age. King’s Day Out is a merging of these ideas, and highlights Ben’s journey towards independence and empowerment through the eyes of his beloved dog. Amy lends her OT expertise to this project, including details about specific sensory strategies for specific situations.  Beautiful illustrations that capture each adventure and each sensory tool were crafted in detail by artist and illustrator, Leslie Beauregard.

The website has links to children’s activities, OT tips and additional information for parents looking for support for sensory processing needs. Check it out!